Dr. Taylor
Managing Director Health Care

Dr. Keisha Taylor is a highly experienced healthcare leader and a passionate advocate in the realm of health equity, dedicating her career to bridging gaps in healthcare access and ensuring equitable outcomes for all people. With over 15 years of healthcare experience, Dr. Taylor has consistently championed initiatives that address systemic disparities in healthcare. Her experience includes key leadership roles at large strategic health systems ranked in the top 10 nationally as well as Korn Ferry and Press Ganey Associates.

Dr. Taylor has spearheaded groundbreaking projects focused on improving the patient experience, driving tangible improvements in health outcomes among marginalized populations. She is renowned for her ability to merge patient experience with quality outcomes and provide a deep understanding of social determinants of health fostering meaningful change in communities.

Dr. Taylor is a compelling speaker whose presentations captivate audiences. With a gift for articulating complex health equity issues in relatable terms, she inspires and empowers individuals to take actionable steps toward creating a more equitable Heathcare landscape.

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