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Dr. Jacqueline Bailey-Davis

23 September 2023

23 September


If you are seeking an authentic DEI expert who can deliver evidence-based and innovative strategies, look no further as Dr. Metzler is the best and only choice.

Richard Baker

16 September 2023

16 September


There is no one in the DE&I space that commands more attention. When Dr. Metzler tackles a topic, its clear as to why everyone is tuning in to him.

Rosa Colon-Kolacko, PhD

14 August 2023

14 August


I have partnered with Dr. Metzler for the last 10 years creating certificates programs for DEI at Georgetown and Thomas Jefferson for diversity and health dispa...
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Jimmie Paschall

19 June 2023

19 June


Dr. Metzler brings unique skills and perspective to everything he does. We met over a decade ago when he was working at Georgetown University. He initiated the ...
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Heather Soubra

16 June 2023

16 June


Dr. Christopher Metzler is a gifted communicator, fantastic speaker, and engaging facilitator! I had the great pleasure to working with him on the IDFA Leaders...
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Lenny McAllister

03 June 2023

03 June


Dr. Christopher Metzler’s ability to craft viable solutions that are fair, wholesome, and visionary reflects his commitment to corporate success, academic rigor...
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